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I am Anthony Flavin, I am 20 and I grew up in the care system. I have a passion for dancing specifically to Northern Soul music from the seventies. I love to DJ and have done gigs playing Northern Soul in Nottingham, Blackpool and Birmingham.

Our Lives: Soul Boy - (2020)BBC

Soul Boy was a documentary about my journey turning into an adult and moving out of the care system into a new life as well as into a new social world of Northern Soul nights and clubs. Soul Boy received acclaim from critics and amassed over 13 million views over 3 re-runs on BBC One prime time. Watch the video below.

Fred Perry World Record Store Day - (2020) Fred Perry

Fred Perry featured me in their world book store event for 2020. As part of this, they asked me to produce a playlist of my favourite tracks and why I lived the brand. The article featured on their social media and website. See below.

Nightowl Birmingham Online DJ Set (2020)Nightowl Birmingham

Nightowl Birmingham invited me to do an online DJ set of my favourite Northern Soul songs that was streamed live as part of a bigger event to raise money for the NHS in Birmingham during the pandemic. See article below.

Rough Trade World Record Store Day(2020)Rough Trade Nottingham

Rough Trade, a record store in Nottingham invited me to there event to play some of my favourite tracks to the crowd. What a great night!

BBC Our Lives : Soul Boy (2020)

Soul Boy Press

Here are some of the events and articles that I have been part of, check them out!

BBC @ 2020

Our Lives - Soul Boy

Fred Perry @ 2020

World Record Store Day

Rough Trade @ 2020

Virtual DJ Set

Nightowl Birmingham @ 2020

NHS Birthday Event

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